Fighting HIV/AIDS and Poverty
Improving Education and Healthcare

Program Updates 2009

Mobile clinics:
147 stations visited
5,277 patients seen
37 medical volunteers from across the world
Covered  western province and parts of Rift valley.
Local staff comprised of a clinical officer,pharmacist ,Nurse and translators.

MDP (Micro-enterprise program)
48 stations visited
45 groups attended business seminars, each group comprising  a minimum of 15 members
13 MDP volunteers involved
Main projects undertaken by the groups were mainly Micro-lending, horticultural, Dairy and trade in artifacts /tailoring
Covered western province of Kenya.


11 Stations visited for training
147 people trained
6 volunteers involved with 2 local translators

23 stations visited
800 plus people reached
15 volunteers involved with 5 local translators
Covered western province and parts of Rift valley.

21 Trainings were conducted
433 women trained
9 volunteers were involved including the clinical officer and two translators
Covered western province

NUTRITION-Enrich program-Cornell University students
6 stations visited for training
318 members trained
8 volunteers from Cornell University were involved assisted by local translators
Covered western province