Fighting HIV/AIDS and Poverty
Improving Education and Healthcare

Program Updates January 2006

As we begin the new year we are extremely excited to see the advancement of Epico Jahns Primary School to now include Grade 4. The school was started in 2001 and each year we have added an additional grade (and classroom) to accommodate the advancing students. Epico Jahns Academy now has over 300 students in pre-school through Grade 4. The classroom for Standard 4, the teachers lounge, and office was finished this January. Construction on both buildings was started this past fall by a group of volunteer teachers from Indiana University , but due to a lack of funds they had not been completed until January. The classroom for Standard 5 has been started, but does not yet have a floor or finished walls.

Our nursing school is now beginning its second year of operations. We now have over 30 nursing students and 2 full-time teachers. We hope to start having overseas volunteer medical students, doctors, and nurses come work alongside our Kenyan teachers at the nursing school. Volunteers will not only provide teaching assistance but also assist in curriculum development.

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October 2005 Update (Letter From Reuben)

Jambo everyone,

I hope you are all doing fine out there. We are praying for all affected by the Katrina and the subsequent one. We hope our friends in Houston and Louisiana were not seriously affected. This email is for everyone who has volunteered with us in one way or another. We have those who have been here in person while others have participated in raising funds for our numerous projects.

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Program Updates December 2003

On August 12th, 2003, the Bill Selke Memorial Clinic opened its doors and six local community members in Kabula were treated for malaria. While this may not sound like a major accomplishment to some, it represents a significant achievement for all of us. Local health care workers run the daily operations of the clinic and are assisted by volunteers from abroad. On October 20th, 2003 the clinic began offering HIV testing, with pre and post-test counseling. Plans are being made to eventually offer retroviral treatment for HIV+ individuals. In November, the clinic obtained recognition from the Kenyan Ministry of Health as an official site for the government’s immunization program. The District Medical Officer of Health is working with us to coordinate a home-based care program for people living with HIV/AIDS.

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Program Updates January 2004

The HIV/AIDS Awareness Program made over 250 presentations in 2003, to schools, churches and community groups. The audience reach included thousands of men, women, and children and made use of video, live theatre and lecture-style techniques. Every school in the Bumola Division of Bungoma District has received an Volunteer Kenya visit within the past 24 months. In addition most schools in other divisions within Bungoma have been reached, as well as schools in Butere-Mumias, Mount Elgon , Tesso and a few in Busia districts.

This program utilized the organization’s 10-year old Mitsubishi Pajero and was staffed by an overseas volunteer, and local staff which included a field coordinator, a translator (for local languages other than Swahili), and a driver.

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Program Updates August 13th, 2003

The Bill Selke Memorial Clinic in Kabula finally opened on August 12th, 2003. Six local residents were diagnosed and treated for malaria.